What’s next for the new Xbox?

The next Xbox is here, and we’ve already heard a lot about it.

We’ve heard some good news about the system and its hardware, we’ve seen some bad news about it and some good.

So what’s next?

Well, we’re still a while away from getting our hands on an Xbox One, so we can’t exactly make any promises, but we can give you a few ideas.

The most important thing is that we can talk about the Xbox One from the perspective of people who are already Xbox One owners.

This is important because this is where the Xbox brand and its legacy live, so if we can show that, people who have played the Xbox 360, played the original Xbox and then went back and played them again, they’ll be excited about this.

That’s where our new Kinect will shine.

If you’ve been with us on this journey, you’ll know that the original Kinect was a huge step forward, but it still had a lot of shortcomings, so its successor is a big step forward as well.

It’s got a lot more horsepower, a lot better motion tracking, better voice recognition, much more advanced facial recognition.

It also has a much better gamepad, and so its a big leap forward in terms of what we can do for the console.

But we can still do some really cool stuff.

The Kinect will have a range of features that will give you more control over what you see on your TV and in the games.

It will also have the capability to read your mood and your preferences and that’s something that the Xbox games have been lacking, which is something that Kinect will also be able to do.

Kinect will allow you to do things like say “Ok, what’s my mood?” in a voice command.

That means that you’ll be able say “Xbox, change the game” and it’ll have the ability to give you feedback on what’s happening in the game.

We’ll be bringing all these things together.

We know we can make games for the Xbox that people are really excited about, but the thing is we’ll also be bringing a lot to the console that people will enjoy and will help us to grow the Xbox franchise.

We can take all of those features and bring them together to create something special.

The way that Kinect can help with that is that you will be able tap the face of the gamepad on your television and it will say “Alexa, turn on my TV”.

You can then turn the TV on or off, pause the game and you can do that all in the voice of the Kinect.

The idea is that the Kinect will be like a real person, so you’ll feel like you’re interacting with it.

You can see what’s on your screen and you’ll say “What’s going on?”, which means “Xbox.

What’s happening?”

That’s something you can tap the Xbox pad on and see what you’re seeing.

It’ll tell you everything you need to know.

So you won’t have to go out and say “Okay, I’m watching the weather and I’m interested in the weather”.

You’ll just see the weather.

And that’s going to be really cool.

If we can turn Kinect into a real life person, that will really give us a way to tell stories.

We think that we’re going to have a lot going on with the Xbox family of games.

There will be games like Minecraft, for example, where the developers are taking some of the best elements of the Minecraft community and making something for the Kinect that will be really interesting for people to play and then play again.

We’re also going to create a lot for Xbox that will take advantage of the platform, like things like game play, so that people can do a lot with Xbox, and they’ll see the kind of gaming experiences that we want them to have.

The games will have their own worlds, they won’t just be in a house or in a corner of the house.

You’ll be going around your house and playing different games.

You won’t be playing Minecraft, or any of these other games that are out there, but you’ll just be playing different things.

This will be something that people like.

We want to give gamers a lot that they want to play with.

This could be like going to the gym and playing Halo or FIFA, and then you can go to a movie theater and see some movies.

It might be an Xbox game that’s available on Netflix or something.

We will also take a lot from the Minecraft experience.

There’s a lot in the Minecraft universe, so there will be things that Minecraft players will be doing in Minecraft.

We are going to take the best parts of Minecraft and we will bring them to the Kinect as well, so it will be a really fun game experience.

That includes all of the stuff that players do with the Kinect, so like the way they interact with the game, and the way that they can play the game itself. We