Trump to ‘take a look’ at ‘skin cells’

President Donald Trump will make a “great assessment” about “skin cells” from Ebola patients that were isolated from the blood of a patient in Dallas, a senior administration official said Wednesday.

Trump has said the U.S. has no way of knowing whether the Ebola patient’s cells had been transferred to his blood before he died, and he has been trying to limit the potential spread of the virus.

But the source of the cells is unknown.

The White House official was speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations about whether to make the announcement publicly.

The White House has previously said the cells were from Ebola victims in Dallas and that the U,S.

could not determine whether the patient’s virus had been “taken” or if he was infected with a strain of the coronavirus.

Trump has also been asking questions about whether Ebola patients should be allowed to donate their blood to scientists in the United States, a move that has angered some scientists who believe it violates international law.

The president also has said he has no plans to ban the donations.

In the meantime, Trump has ordered a review of whether it’s ethical to send Ebola patients’ blood to researchers, and has suggested that his administration would not do so because of concerns that doing so could expose them to the virus, the source said.