How to get rainmeter skins

The skin creator of rainmeter skin creator minecraft skins, and the Rainmeter Skin creator itself, are now being held hostage by the Australian government. 

The Rainmeter skin creators have not responded to repeated attempts to contact them over the past few days. 

“We have been told that our skin creator has been taken hostage and we are being kept in the dark,” Rainmeter user James Smedley wrote on Twitter.

“We’re not able to get the skin maker’s contact details and they are keeping us in the Dark for months at a time.”

Rainmeter user Jim Stoll wrote that he and his wife were left stranded in Australia. 

James Smedson wrote on Facebook: “We were in Melbourne and had to drive to Perth.

They refused to give us any details.

They said the only reason we were in Australia was because they wanted to use our skin to launch a ‘cloud’ of IPs to track our location.”

Rainmeter skin creator Jim Stott posted on Facebook that he was told he was on the way to Australia.

“I’ve been told the same thing, they’re just keeping the IPs secret,” he wrote.

Rainmeter users are being told they are “on the verge of being put in jail”.

“I’m not sure what I’ll do now, we’re being kept under constant surveillance and I have to keep the IP addresses of my contacts secret to avoid being arrested,” Rainmeter user Chris Beasley wrote on social media.

“My wife is stuck in Australia with her parents and has no access to any of her contact info,” Rainmeter user Christopher Glynn wrote.

“I have been informed by Rainmeter that I will be held under surveillance for up to 12 months until they give us our IP addresses back.”

Rainmeter skin creator James Smeylson said he was in the process of contacting Rainmeter and that his contact details had been handed over to the Australian authorities.

He told ABC Radio Melbourne the government was trying to force Rainmeter to stop making skins for Minecraft.

“The Australian Government has demanded that Minecraft skins be stopped because the game is ‘unfairly targeted at children’,” he said.

“It’s very unfair and we’re very disappointed.”

Mr Smeylan said he had been contacted by a number of individuals and told to not contact anyone.

Mr Smedyss post said the Australian Government’s demands for his skin had been “repeatedly ignored”.

“They have not told me why they want my skin, or if they even want it, they’ve told me I’m in the wrong,” he said on Facebook.

“They’ve also told me that I have been sent letters by the Department of Justice demanding I turn over my IP addresses.”

No-one has told me who the letter is or how they are going to get it, so I’ve been left to do what I can to defend myself.

“Mr Stoll, who was not one of the Rainmeters contacts, said he would “be doing my best to defend my skin” if his account was “shut down” by the government.”

There is no reason to shut down minecraft, its a great game,” he told ABC radio.”

Its about time that it was made available to everyone.

“Mr Glynn, who used to be a Minecraft skin creator himself, said the “unfair” nature of Minecraft skins was something he was proud of.”

If you go and play Minecraft you have to pay money to play the game, but the way they have done this to minecraft is totally unfair,” he posted on social network.”

Why should I have a skin to play?

I’m not a developer, I’m just a fan of the game.