Soccer skin ulcer: Where the ball is thrown and when

In the middle of an otherwise good season, this was the worst news for the Whitecaps: They’re losing three of four at BC Place.

But on the other side of the coin, the team was playing better.

They were also getting better at playing with the ball.

And they were winning.

The last five games have all been goals and assists.

And there were some positives.

Vancouver was 4-0-2 on the road, a stretch of five straight wins.

It also scored three of its five goals in a 5-2 victory over Seattle on July 17.

The goal was scored by Pedro Morales, who scored his third of the season with a penalty kick, and his first of the campaign.

“I thought the game was going to go a little bit differently from the last game.

The pressure was off a little more and we were a little stronger,” said head coach Carl Robinson.

“It was a different ball, a different rhythm, a little quicker and I think that was the best sign for us.

We were able to get the first goal on the counter attack.

That was a really good goal, and I thought it was a real good goal.”

That second goal from Morales was the one that opened the floodgates.

It came in the 73rd minute.

Vancouver started the game with a 1-0 lead.

But the Seattle goal gave them an early lead.

Morales was called for a foul on Alex Bono.

His team-mates got up to congratulate him, but Morales had already left the field.

It’s not often a goal is scored on the final whistle, but in this case it was.

And it was just a simple one-touch goal that was very easy for Morales to complete.

“I was just happy that he scored the goal and that he played the way he did,” said Vancouver head coachCarl Robinson.

It’s the first time in three games he’s scored two goals in that same game.

“That’s what makes it great, the way Pedro can play the game,” said Whitecaps striker Joao Pedro.

“You’re always playing to your strengths.

He can be very dangerous in the middle, in the box, and he’s very quick in the field.”

On the other hand, Seattle is missing key players.

Defender Chris Wondolowski, who had just three goals this season, was injured and out for the season.

And goalkeeper Stefan Frei also missed the match.

Frei is out for two months with a torn Achilles tendon.

Robinson said the injury to Wondolowsky was a little surprising.

He said the team will assess the injury and whether he can return this season.

“He is a guy that I’ve looked at for the last two years,” said Robinson.

Wondolzzi’s injury has come in a game in which the Sounders have dominated the match in both goals and points.

The Whitecaps had the better of the match on both occasions.

“The ball was in his hands all the time,” Robinson said.

“We knew he was going for it and we didn’t play as well as we would have liked.”

Frei had a couple of good chances.

The first came in a first-half corner kick when the Sounders played a quick, high pass from the left flank to Wondola who was unmarked at the top of the box.

He put a shot on target but couldn’t get it to go in.

Freier hit the post with a curling shot after another corner kick.

The ball was still bouncing around the box when Frei went in.

The rebound was pushed back to him and he finished.

Freisti said he thought he made the shot, but that wasn’t the only time the Sounders were in the right place to score.

“It was good to get a couple good chances but they just missed them,” said Frei.

“They played very good football.

We got off to a good start, but they did a good job of making the chances.

We just didn’t capitalize on them.”

The Sounders came back to win it 3-2, the third straight win at BC.

“I’m happy to be in the game because we had a lot of good moments,” said Wondolowksi.

He had two goals and one assist.

“That’s always the best part about a game is when you’re getting a good result, so that’s what I’m really happy about.

I’m happy we got three points.”

The Whitecaps have had a tough time keeping the Sounders out of the playoffs this season and have had three straight draws.

“This is an important step in the season for us,” said Brek Shea.

“A couple of things were going right and then a couple things were not going right.

But we are starting to get things right.”

It’s still early in the year and the Sounders still have to get their first win in six matches.

And the win over Vancouver was a good sign.