What is herpes on the skin?

A new outbreak of the disease has killed at least two Australians and is being linked to the herpes outbreak in Melbourne.

The outbreak, which has now been confirmed in at least three other countries, is the first in the region since 2007.

More than 100 Australians have been infected, with the first case reported on Tuesday in Adelaide.

“This is the highest number of reported cases in the history of the outbreak in Australia,” Chief Health Officer Dr Sarah Collins said.

“The first confirmed case in Australia was in February of this year and that was reported to the Victorian Department of Health.”

The first case was confirmed in Adelaide on Tuesday and a second was confirmed on Wednesday.

Ms Collins said the outbreak was also spreading to other countries including New Zealand and Malaysia.

“We are working very closely with local authorities to manage this outbreak and the outbreak is now in New Zealand, Australia and New Zealand is now experiencing an outbreak,” she said.

Ms Molloy said the virus had not spread widely through the region, but was spreading through the community.

“As we are seeing new cases of this virus, we will need to work with local partners to ensure there is not a return to previous levels,” she told ABC News Breakfast.

“I would say at this stage, we have not seen a significant increase in cases across Australia.”

More to come.