What do you get when you mix basketball skin and soccer skin?

“We’re going to do something new for the fans,” said Scott.

“We are going to go into a different world.”

The skin will come in two flavors, dry and peachy.

It will come packaged in a box that is going to be filled with a basketball jersey.

“You’re going get something that is basketball-themed and is going in a way that you can actually put on your body, which is going into a cooler and cooler cool-factor and get the same amount of moisture and moisture and it’s going to hold up to the sun, which you might not get in a jersey.

We want it to look as good as it feels.

We’re not going to rush it or rush the product.”

The basketball skin will also come in a limited edition of 10,000.

The NBA will release its new NBA jerseys for the 2018-19 season on March 22.

The basketball-inspired NBA skin will debut in April.

The league also announced a partnership with Nike to promote the league’s brand with fans.

“Nike is going all out to promote this league and its brand in the US and worldwide,” Scott said.

“It’s really important for the NBA to get this new jersey, the basketball-skin-inspired jersey, to a broader audience.”

The NBA will announce a partnership for a new basketball-specific product in March. 

“We are looking at a new jersey for the summer, we are looking to do a partnership and we have a lot of partners that are going all over the world and we will have an NBA-specific jersey,” Scott continued.

“There will be some new players on the court in the NBA next season, but we are not going back into the old school jerseys.”