What is a dry brushing skin?

New Scientist article The Australian government will ask Parliament to set aside $1 billion for a new research initiative aimed at understanding how to get rid of dry skin, the ABC reports.

In 2016, Australian scientists published a study of people who had developed dry skin after being washed in warm water.

They found that people with dry skin tended to have a higher body mass index and lower body fat percentage.

Dr Sarah Dickey from the University of New South Wales said the research was part of a larger body of research on the causes of dryness.

“What we’ve seen over the past decade or so is that it’s been really important to have people talk about the effects of dryer skin, but to understand the underlying mechanisms and why people get it and what can we do to address it,” she said.

Australia has the world’s highest rates of dry hair and the most extensive dry-brushing regime in the world.

Dr Dickey said dry hair was one of the most common causes of chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and osteoarthritis.

She said that, while dry skin was not the only reason people developed dry hair, it was one that needed to be addressed.

“We’re not saying that there is nothing that can be done about dry skin but that’s what we’ve been focusing on,” she told ABC Radio.

Australian researchers have also published research in which they found that the frequency of dry brushing can be linked to how well a person responds to the diet, and the number of people that can tolerate a daily brush.

According to the Australian Dry Skin Association, there are more than 30,000 Australians living with dryness and that more than one in 10 people suffers from dry skin.