‘I can’t believe it’: Flushed skin and ‘cancer’ can make us feel fine

Flushed acne, acne scars and enlarged pores are not uncommon in Ireland.

But these symptoms can also make us happy and well-adjusted.

“People feel better if they’re able to work out their issues in a professional setting,” says Dr Helen Smith, a dermatologist in Dublin.

“It can be beneficial if you’ve been diagnosed with a skin cancer.”

If you’re not sure if it’s your problem, talk to your GP and see if you’re on any medication.

“A small amount of medication is not going to be enough to completely clear the problem,” says Smith.

“There are other ways to treat it, such as using an anti-inflammatory cream.”

But it can be difficult to know if you have acne or other conditions.

If you do, talk with your GP or dermatologist to see if there’s any other treatment you might be eligible for.

If it’s an allergy, it can help to know what to avoid and how to protect yourself from it.

If your condition is related to a skin condition or medical condition, talk more about it with your doctor.

“I have noticed that many people have been treated in the past who are now on a more active regimen than they were before,” says McIlveen.

“They are now using products that are more effective than they used to be, but they’re also taking steps to try and avoid the issues in the future.”

For example, some people take an enzyme-rich facial mask and try to reduce the amount of water in their skin.

“This can be really helpful to the skin and can help with flushing,” says Ms Smith.