The Most Skins of the Week

3/15/17 18:25:34 1) “WTF is this?!?”

(a) “It’s a fucking joke, I’m not even mad, it’s just a funny image.”

(b) “No, no, no.

This is fucking stupid.

This isn’t funny.

I’m laughing at you.”

(c) “What is this shit?

Why is everyone so fucking sensitive?

This isn, like, the worst fucking joke I’ve ever seen.”

(d) “I don’t understand why people are so sensitive.

I don’t even understand what’s going on.

It’s like the worst joke ever, man.

It is so fucking stupid.”

(e) “This is just another example of how the internet is fucking dumb.”

(f) “Wow, this guy actually seems like a nice guy.

That’s a really good sign.

This guy has so much respect.”

(g) “Oh my god, I can’t believe this guy would be so sensitive and sensitive about this image.

It just makes me think I’m on the internet.

Is he serious?

Are we just being weird here?”

(h) “And I don