Why the ABC has a new skin tone chart

The ABC has put together a new chart for skin tone and health, showing the health effects of skin colour.

The ABC has also released the new chart.

Here’s a look at what it shows:The ABC says the new skin-tone chart highlights that “skin colour is strongly associated with the risk of skin cancer”.

It also says that a higher level of skin pigmentation is linked to a lower risk of melanoma, and that people with darker skin can develop skin conditions such as eczema and acne.

“Our new chart shows the link between skin colour and skin cancer risk, with darker people having a much higher risk of developing melanoma,” ABC TV health correspondent Joanna McAvan said.

The chart includes data from the ABC’s national melanoma and skin cancers monitoring program.

A melanoma is a skin cancer that develops in the skin, usually when the cells of the skin divide, and is one of the leading causes of cancer deaths.

In the new ABC chart, people with a darker skin tone have a higher risk.

People with darker pigmentation have a greater risk of being diagnosed with skin cancer.

The ABC recommends that people who have had melanoma or a skin condition related to it, or who have a history of melanomas or skin conditions related to them, check themselves for skin cancer and seek medical advice.