How to get rid of grime in your skin

Skin is a perfect medium for the growth of bacteria, and a good way to make sure the bacteria do their job, according to Dr. Jennifer R. Smith.

It’s a perfect place to hide the signs of the aging process and for bacteria to proliferate.

It also helps keep your skin from getting too much of an irritant and helps prevent the development of dark spots and crusts.

Here’s how to remove grime from your skin.

Wash your hands thoroughly before you apply the cream.

Rub the cream into your face and hands before you put it on.

Apply the cream to the affected area to keep it moist and moisturized.

You’ll need to wait about 15 minutes to an hour for the cream’s effectiveness to wear off, depending on the size and thickness of your skin, and your body type.

Remove any excess cream.

If you have a crusty or discolored skin, gently wipe the area with a damp cloth to remove any excess.

Wash the area again with water.

If your skin is dry, rub a small amount of a mild soap on your face to dry the area.

If the cream is still damp, you may want to massage the area in a circular motion to help dislodge any excess water.

Use a cotton swab to remove the excess cream from the area and rinse it off with water before applying it to your face.