What’s next for the Fortnite community?

As it has done since its launch, the Fortnight community has been taking to the subreddit to discuss the game’s latest update.

The community has since been divided into a number of different sub-reddits, with some sections focusing on new features, others on the current state of the game and others focusing on the game itself.

One of the subreddit’s most popular subreddits, called “Fortnight Updates”, is a thread dedicated to the latest updates for Fortnight.

This subreddit features an updated version of the official Fortnight website, along with a series of updates to the Fort night experience.

The subreddit’s moderators, known as “fungus”, have been quick to answer questions about what is happening to Fortnight over the last few weeks.

While many users on the subreddit are focused on the recent updates, some are also looking ahead to the upcoming release of the Fort Night Arena.

Fungus posted a list of upcoming features for the Arena, including a new arena map, which he said is being worked on as part of the update.

Fungus told Polygon that the team will likely add in some of the features that are currently in the game as part to the update, but that it is not yet a final release.

The Fortnight team has yet to announce any other changes to the game, including any major additions or changes.

The team also did not respond to Polygon’s request for comment.

As for Fortnites, the community is currently divided into two groups.

Some have been waiting for the update to be released and others are actively playing the game.

As a result, the team is working to find ways to bring the game to new players as quickly as possible.